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Enhance Nissan's visibility and engagement through its sponsorship of major sports events including the UEFA Champions League, Trophy Tour, Champions Trophy, and the 2019 Cricket World Cup, leveraging the influence of popular personalities.


Strategic Approach:

Boost awareness of Nissan's involvement in these major sports events through a strategic influencer campaign. Aim to achieve significant impressions and public participation in social media campaigns.

      #GetThereWithGinola Campaign

  • Target: Generate over 5.25 million impressions and encourage public engagement with at least 100 entries in a social competition.


  • Approach: Utilise influencers to spread the campaign message and drive participation.

    UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour Promotion

  • Strategy: Engage YouTubers to promote Nissan's sponsorship of the UCL Trophy Tour, enhancing digital outreach. 

    Champions Trophy & Cricket World Cup Initiatives

  • Execution: Organise and promote competitions, and collaborate with influencers to attend and highlight these events


We surpassed campaign goals with over 7.34 million impressions for the #GetThereWithGinola campaign and 134 public entries.

  • UCL Trophy Tour Exposure: Prominent YouTubers, including Daniel Cutting, were involved in elevating the profile of Nissan's UCL Trophy Tour.

  • Influencer Engagement: High-profile figures like Jamie Laing, James Dunmore, Robbie Lyle, and Reshmin Chowdhury contributed to the campaign, with the #SweepTheNation hashtag reaching an audience of over 1.8 million people.

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