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Our task was to elevate awareness for KickX, a new, all-inclusive hybrid football arena in Surrey, both before its launch and sustainably post-launch to encourage continuous bookings.


Strategic Execution:

We developed and executed a comprehensive communication strategy alongside a robust social media plan, which included:

  • Educational Content: Increasing understanding and interest in hybrid football.

  • Highlighting Match Action: Showcasing thrilling moments from the arena and global matches.

  • Engaging Ambassadors: Collaborating with renowned sports figures to elevate KickX's national profile.

  • Influencer Collaboration: Partnering with local influencers to amplify our message and boost bookings.

  • Sales-Focused Assets: Creating materials specifically designed to drive bookings.


Campaign Outcomes:

In the pre-launch phase, we established a new community across key platforms, achieving a 7% engagement rate with social media cited as a referral source for 50% of bookings in the launch period and 30% thereafter. This represented the best performing new booking marketing source across all channels.

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