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Develop a social strategy and asset plan to enhance the visibility and engagement of Fitzdares through its partnership with Fulham FC.


Strategic Approach:
Worked with Fitzdares to plan out full usage of their assets, included:

  • Planning and executed two content shoots in collaboration with Fulham FC, tailored to engage and attract the audience, as well as drive brand awareness for Fitzdares.

  • Leveraged Fitzdares’ social media rights to create and amplify a “what were the odds” content series content throughout the football season.

  • Organise Fitzdares x Fulham competitions to boost Fitzdares’ follower base and increase brand engagement.


Launched the partnership with a series of videos which achieved over 1 million organic views, sigLaunch Video Success: Achieved over 1 million organic views on two launch videos, significantly increasing brand awareness. Our regular series content received 500,000 organic views demonstrating effective content strategy and audience interest. Our activity also resulted in an increase in Fitzdares owned channel followings with an uplift of over 3,500 across all platforms.

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